The 10 Commandments

of KK & Doom*


*Excerpt from the Sacred Tomb, The Bullshit Bible of KK & Doom


I   Thou Shall Deface
II   Thou Shall Kill Victims
III   Thou Shall Feed Assmunch Five Times a Day
IV   Thou Shall Erect Many Monuments to KK & Doom
V   Thou Shall Not Anger KK's  Bunghole (risk Armeggedon)
VI   Thou Shall Mock Dog-E-Style, Florin, and Sam for Amusment
VII   Thou Shall Comment on Doom's Ass As Much As Possible

(Terms such as Lard Ass and Fat Fuck are appropriate)

VIII   Thou Shall Pay Homage to Lord KK with Appropriate Dress

(Kilt, Claymore, Face Paint)

IX   Thou Shall Worship Willium Wallace, Connor MacLeod,

and Bruce Campbell as Minor Gods

X   Thou Shall Perform 10 Commandments of KK and Doom Every Day


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