Roar!!!! Trip Axe Of Assmunch!

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Assmuch, as his longtime companions Keith Killer and James Doom call him, is actually a
misunderstood memeber of a very unknown race of creatures called Necrovours. Some who think that Assmuch was either a retarded genetic reject or
viscous monster. Neither of these statements is reality. For one, Assmunch, though lacking Academic smarts, has a cleverness about him that more than compensates for his low IQ score. Assmunch is a very carnivorous creature (requiring 1000 lbs of raw meat a day) and it's this hunger that people of lesser power, be it physical or magical, fear the most.

One might think of Assmunch more like a dog. He is very 'pack' oriented (he considers KK and DOOM to be the Alpha males and the rest of the party being his PACK)creature who will fight to the death in order to defend his companions against an aggressor. Assmunch's true genius lies in his incredible tracking abilities. He can pick up the scent of a target up to 20 miles away and has very sensitive magic membranes that give him the natural ability to
pick up anything with a magic or psionic aura with in a 10 mile radius.

Assmunch has been with Keith MacLeod and James Bourne for most of his life. He has become a trusted ally in the many fights that the Two former lightning knights have gotten themselves into and this hasn't changed since they arrived on RIFTS® Earth. Unlike his
frightening exterior, Assmunch is a very warm and caring creature who has a respect for life and the defense of it (even though he usually eats living creatures). The only thing that seems to anger Assmunch the most is when he is called a THING {It's fine when KK tells people that he is an asshole-AM even considers himself one (doesn't understand the true nature of the word)}.

Since the destruction of Terminator, Assmunch has sought-out a mate (A-Pauline) and fathered a small brood of young Necrovours, named the Assmites.(James' idea) Ever since James returned to RIFTS Earth, Assmunch has assumed the role of Killshire Shariff and High Judge. Considering Assmunch has gone under some bionic-reconstruction and gained 3 IQ points, the Necrovour has gained a better understanding of speech and reads like a fiend on his spare time. As a hobby, A-munch has spent the last 5 human years (Necrovours age slower than humans) harnessing his drawing and painting abilities to a point where he could sell his art work for some decent credits.

Assmunch has also moved his family to small Necrovour Community which lies on the southern end of Skulle Island. Utilizing the Necrovour scavenging abilities (necrovours are more scavengers than hunters) his children, Jaws, Happy, Bloody, Pincer, Jane, and Brutous have become full time sanitation engineers and compactors inside Killshire. With the appearance of Kitiria Anderson in the last couple of months, Assmunch has gained a new member to the pack. Since she did the smartest thing one could do when first meeting a necrovour (FEEDING IT!), Assmunch has deemed himself her personal body-guard. A status that only KK and Doom have!

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