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VOD Rating System

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Poor Save Your Cash!
** Fair Decent 1 time Experiance Only
*** Average Buy it Used
**** Cool Worth Your Time and Cash
***** Way Cool Worthy of Classic Status

Hello and welcome to the ever growing library of cool books! Inside the confines of this page, we have placed up books that we feel are entertaining and informative. As a guide, we have created our own rating system (displayed above) as well as the geronre the book is a part of and a basic plot focus. We incourage you to read each one of these works  and form your own opinons. Thanks to our partnership with, we can offer the service of ordering each book over the internet. Just click on the book title to find out more information. Check back here often cause we are in the constant search for new/fresh talent.

Standard Titles

Book Title

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Author(s) Genre(s) Plot Focus VOD RATING
Blood Brothers Brian Lumley Horror/Sci-Fi Necroscope battles Vampires ****1/2
Bloodwars Brian Lumley Horror/Sci-Fi Necroscope battles Vampires ****3/4
Lightning Dean Koontz Sci-Fi Time Travel ****1/2
On The Beach Nevil Shute Drama Post Nuclear War 1950's *****
The Earth Abides (1948) George Stewart Drama/Fiction End of the World *****
The Last Aerie Brian Lumley Horror/Sci-Fi Necroscope battles Vampires ****
The Things They Carried Tim O'Brien Historical Private's Vietnam Adventures *****
The Stand Stephen King Horror/Fiction End of the World, Man vs. Devil *****


Role Playing Games


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Author(s) Discription

(*Palladium Game System*)

RIFTS (Base Book) Kevin Siembieda Game set on  Post Armaggedon Earth *****
Conversion Book I Kevin Siembieda Convestion tables for other Palladium Games ****
Mercenaries Kevin Siembieda A small collection of Mercenary O.C.C.'s ****1/2
Source Book 1 Kevin Siembieda More info on the Coalition and Archie 3 ****1/4
Source Book 2: Mechanoids Kevin Siembieda Info on the Mechanoid Invasion ****
Source Book 3: Mindwerks Kevin Siembieda Focus on Gargoyles, Mindwerks, and Triax ****1/4
World Book 1: Vampire Kingdoms Kevin Siembieda Focus on Mexican Vampire Kingdoms ****1/4
World Book 2: Atlantis Kevin Siembieda Focus on the Mythical Continent of Atlantis *****
World Book 3: England Kevin Siembieda Focus on Arthurian England, Fairy Ireland ****1/2
World Book 4: Africa Kevin Siembieda Features 4 horseman and Anchient Egypt ****1/2
World Book 5: Triax & the NGR Kevin Siembieda Focus on the New German Republic, Triax, Gargoyles ****1/2
World Book 6: South America I Kevin Siembieda Focus on the many Kingdoms of South America ***3/4
World Book 7: Underseas Kevin Siembieda Focus on Under Water Civilizations ****3/4
World Book 8: Japan Kevin Siembieda Focus on the islands of Japan and the Orient ****3/4
WB 11: Coalition War Campaign Kevin Siembieda Up-to-Date World Book focusing on the Coalition ****3/4

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