Crescent Moon Alliance

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After the canceling out of PPE energies in the year 12,000? BC* and the consequences that followed (the disappearance of Atlantis and the 7 Anommolies), some of the scientists involved in these experiments felt tremendous guilt. Guilt so deep, in fact, that a hand full of them (and their families) journeyed to the moon and, with the remaining PPE in their power cells, had themselves magically sealed inside chriochambers until the end of time as punishment for their 'crimes against the earth'.

With the magical turbulence created by the Great Cataclysm, the Sacred Seal of the Founders became active again, thus awaking them from their self-imposed exhile.With most of their population surviving the 12,000 year slumber, the Altantians send a handful of 'explorers' to investigate and come in contact with their brethren on earth. After being almost wiped out by a Splugorth Slave Ship, the surviving explorers returned to the moon with news of their discoveries.

Saddened by the tales of destruction, danger, and rampant warfare, Grand-Founder Atrias decided that it was best for his people to set up a colony on the moon. Later given the name The Crescent Moon Colony, then the Crescent Moon Alliance (5 PA), a small society of Original Atlantians flourish under the mindset. Fearing detection by outside intelligences, The CMA's scanning capabilities had been silenced for centuries (the explorers had reported that a very advanced alien civilization existed on their homeland), thus knowledge with the surface became very limited.

In the year 118 PA, it was decided that the CMA had progressed to a point where they could return to the earth. Mindful of the Explorer disaster, the Counsel of Founders, headed by Grand-Founder Ramma, formed a small force of Atlantian volunteers to travel to earth and survey any and all aspects of the planet and the peoples that live there. These agents or 'spies' where to only record their findings and report back to the CMA; thus never interfering with any other society's progression.

As the decades past, CMA agents had produced libraries of data about Rifts Earth. Everything that could be researched, sampled, and documented was brought back and entered into the CMA master computer system, nicknamed 'The LOG'. Over the next 100 years, the CMA agents had adapted completely to the environment of Rifts earth. Their technology base had advanced so much from the agents data that most of the home-based CMA citizens are equivalent to a 3rd level ley line walker when they finish their teenage training.

By the time KK & Doom rifted to Rifts earth via a CMA pyramid portal, the CMA's collective knowledge of RIFTS societies and technologies rivaled or exceeded that of most of the powerful kingdoms an civilizations on Earth. (in fact, KK & Doom where accidental teleported from another universe!).

After realizing the potential harbored inside the bodies of KK, Doom, and Assmunch, Grand-Founder Gillian made the decision to offer them jobs as CMA agents in exchange for returning them to their native universe. Thus this began the 'relationship' between KK & Doom and the CMA.

*See World Book 2: Atlantis for more details about True Atlantians

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