How could I share my life with the world without mentioning one of the most important influences on my life. Albert Flack, even though I only was around him sparaddically through out my life, has been , and always will be, an important person to remember. The world, it seems, lost a great human being this summer when he past away.

I have had a hard time trying to come to terms with his passing. I still mainly rememeber his generosity, his humor, his stubbernness, and his zest for life. The man never could sit down for long and always has a open door to anyone who he cared about. Even though he was never a blood relation, his passing felt like I (and my immediate family) lost a member of the family.

Below is a poem I wrote last December to try to come to terms with his death.


My mind is full
of your balding scalp
Covered by a black and gold Genesee Beer cap
So I still find it hard to believe
That you are gone, old friend
I can still smell your lit Marlboro
Hear the racket of your singing voice
Chewing on the gum balls you used to give me
I have to remind myself still
No more Cornhill Festivals
Hot summer afternoons
Addressing you as ostrich
Especially when mother would rustle your feathers
Watching the tube inside your bedroom
Or sitting inside the brick walled kitchen
Although world seems empty now
When I think of you, dear friend
I can not help but smile


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