Why is this Cool?

If you have a slightly dark sense of humor, hours and hours of running over pedestrians and cutting down the city police force awaits you in Grand Theft Auto and GTA2.

Having been called a criminal simulation, it's easy to see why this game really isn't for people under 16 years of age. In both the original and second versions, you play an up and coming car jacker (known as Claude Speed in GTA2) who's purpose in life is to steal as many cars as possible, and become rich in the process.

The things that really are cool about the first game is the range of cars you can 'jack'. (from a beaten up Beetle to a fast moving Lambergini!) and the open-endedness of the game play. In order to move onto the next level of play, you have to collect a set amount of cash/points. How you go about collecting the cash is up to you.

You can be a straight car jacker and steal the most expensive cars in the city, then return them to one of the 4 seaside cranes for cash. Can also do some 'jobs' for the mob for some money. The most fun, however, can be found by running around the streets, killing and destroying as many pedestrians and vehicles as possible. Got to watch out for the police, however, cause they don't like it when you fry the people paying their salary.

This is also the same premise behind GTA2. The main differences lie in how the cities are carved up. Instead of having to deal with one 'over all mob', each city is divided up amungst 3-5 gangs. Depending on how much a certain gang likes you (respect), they will either help you out by giving you protection in their territory and jobs or try to blow your ass off.

There is a wider range of weapons you can attain in GTA2 (from a hand gun to a bazooka) and the cops are smarter when compared to GTA 1. In the end, both games are great for blowing off some long as you don't plan on driving your car after playing that is.


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Grand Theft Auto I : PC Cheat Codes

*While at the character selection screen, press the Delete key, then type in the following Cheat Code as your character name, and then press Enter. If the cheat works properly, you'll hear the sound of an engine revving up.

SUCKMYROCKET piece of armor, all weapons, and get-out-of-jail key
ITSTANTRUM unlimited lives
HATE MACHINE multiplier increase
BUCKFAST press the asterisk (*) on the number pad after typing the cheat code to get all weapons
ITCOULDBEYOU 999999999 points
IAMGARYPENN Extra offensive language
HEART OF GOLD View all the cut scenes
ITSGALLUS All Levels/Cities


Grand Theft Auto 2: Cheat Codes

*type "gouranga" as your name and then change it to any of the names below to use the cheat. Then hit the ENTER button. This can be done over and voer again. (Cheats that work activate a low, revving sound).

GOREFEST Blood Effects On
RSJABBER Immortality (GOD Mode)
GODOFGTA All Weapons at Maximum Ammo
SCHURULZ 2x Damage
MADEMAN Respect Meters at Full
EATSOUP No charge Car Upgrades
BUCKFEST City wide riot
NEKKID all people nakid
CUTIE1 99 lives
ARSESTAR Keep weapons after death
SEGARULZ X10 Bonus Multiplier
UKGAMER Access all 3 cities (levels)
TUMYFROG Access all Bonus Levels
COCKTART Disable exploding point scores