Released Albums

  1. Peace Sells, But Who's Buying? (1986)
  2. So Far, So Good, So What (1988)
  3. Rust In Peace (1990)
  4. Countdown to Extinction (1992)
  5. Youthanasia (1994)
  6. Hidden Treasures (1995)
  7. Cryptic Writings (1997)
  8. Risk (1999)
  9. Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years (2000)
  10. The World Needs A Hero (May, 15, 2001)
  11. *Non-Released Singles*




Why is this Cool?

Ever since Dave Mustaine's extidus from Metallica in 1985, His (and David Ellefsons) creation have pumped out 8 albums. The greatest, in my opinion, was Peace Sells but Whos Buying?(1986), but the recent works, such as Risk(1999) and Cryptic Writings(1996) isn't too bad either.

Like most other Metal bands of the 1980's, they have had to change their sound some to keep reeling in the new fans. Unlike other contemporaries, however (such as Metallica and Motley Crue), the only aspect of the more recent music that has changed is the rhythem (much slower than older stuff) and lyric focus (centering more around personal reflection than political statements).

The bands trademark aggressive edge is still intact, thus making the more recent music a Megadeth product, not a "New" Megadeth song being compared to an "Old" Megadeth Song.

With the release of their newest album, The World Needs A Hero, in May 2001, it appears the band is gravitating toward pre 1994 musical ventures, and trying to bring the magic of Agressive Thrash Metal to a new generation of metal lovers. I have personally listened to some of the new music and I feel that this album will be as ground breaking as Countdown to Extinction(1992) and Rust In Peace(1989).


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