Yo...Jason RAPS!!  

Welcome to my personal place on the web. I told myself that I'd never put up one of these damned 'personal web pages'. Oh well, never say never right? Anyway, the burning question you probably have on your mind at the moment is who the hell is this littering my computer screen? Well, out side of being a member of the highest point of the food chain, blessed with male genitals, and spend most my exsistance inside cyberspace, I am just your average centiant being with no real life (do you think I would of placed up this web site if I had one?).

If, by any strange reason, would like to find out more about me and my many different personalities..just flip through the pages of this web site. It's all here, in black and white, realised by well me and me and me....


  1. Favorite food: anything thats not alive!
  2. Status: Happly Un Single
  3. Love Intrests: Women
  4. Main Life confusion: Women
  5. HT: 6 ft
  6. WT: Decent
  7. Unique Saying:cock n' balls (*Don't ask*)
  8. Favorite Supre Hero: Pudwak the Mighty!(*Really Don't ask*)
  9. Bands of Value: Megadeth, Billy Joel, Rob Zombie, Queen,
  10. Degree: English/Creative Writing
  11. GPA: Decent
  12. Year: Finished (Minus 1 Class that is)
  13. Political Affiliation: Moderate
  14. Blood Type: Red
  15. Alter Ego: James "Doom" Bourne
  16. Favorite Website: The Vortex of James "Doom" Bourne
  17. Yahoo.com Personal Profile - Kinda outa date, but, what the hell, right?
  18. I did Rocky Horror? - Here's the Shocking Truth...
  19. "Down The Road" - Column I wrote for the MCC Student paper in 1996-97
  20. Here is a REALLY old personal Bio...


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