Name Kieth Goff
  Alias(s) KK, MacLeod
  Relation to Me Best Friend for 2 Decades.....
  Hails From Fairport NY
  Hobbies Scottish Lore, Video Games
  Homepage URL  


Background Information:

Keith Goff, better known as KK or Keith MacLeod, has been a close pal for almost 20 years now. Between his compatible since of humor, video game knowledge, and dedication to building my self-esteem through nicknames like pinworm and dumb ass, to say that this guy has had a profound effect on my existence would be an understatement. A current member of the United States Airforce, KK is now in the middle of watching the corn grow out in Nebraska. Things will be cool once he returns to western new york for good, that's for sure.

With the help of KK, we have created many cool things over the years, including our Bible of Senceless Bullshit and the growing RIFTS realm of Skulle Island.

Read This to see what his Alter-Ego's P.O.V. on Life is!!! (Requires Acrobat Reader)


Photographic Dossier
KK & Doom 1998
Postcard from KK
KK presents...
Gaurding the Gates of Hell...
Utopian Conquest
Side View


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