Name Maureen Nealon
  Alias(s) Mo{she goes by this name}
  Relation to Me Close College Friend
  Hails From Brockport, NY
  Hobbies Books...and Books
  Homepage URL


Background Information:

Mo has been a very close friend of mine over the years. Mixed with a strong will and a kind soul, Mo has been the rock in my life for as long as I have known her. Now that we are leaving the college life for the real world, I feel that she will be one of the few who I will probably loose touch with.

We have seen and done so much over the last three years, it hard to imagine that it has been so long. From saving the world as our superhero alter-egos to just shoot'n da shit, it seems as though life would of been so empty without her presence.


Photographic Dossier
Arlington, VA


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