Welcome to My Picture Gallery Archive.

In here, you can browse through the many different pic's that I have accumulated over the years. From close friends to crazy graphical shit that I have created, it is easy to see that there will be many different things displayed inside the confines of the Picture Browser above.

Quick FAQs:

1. How Do I Use The Browser?

1) Select which Gallery you would like to look at via the pull down menu (to the right of Group).

2)Use the grey buttons below the pull down menu to toggle in between pictures.


2. The Picture Browser Doesn't Work?!

a) The Web Broswer your using cannot understand Java or Javascript

(Use either Netscape 3.0+ or Internet Explorer 4.0+ to remody this problem)

b) I messed up the Programming some how

(e-mail me at boomstickjames@hotmail.com to notify me of this complication)