Welcome to the Doomshire Realm Archives.

What is Doomshire? My Province inside the On Line game called Utopia.

What is Utopia? As mentioned above, Utopia is a web based game where anyone with an internet connection can sign up for an account.

Ok, like what it's purpose? The game is set in a medieval world were each player manages a province (Account). Each province is collected inside of a kingdom (of up to 24 other provinces). The main point of this game is to build your province, and kingdom, up as much as you can during each age (every player is ranked based upon many areas).

How much does it cost to play? Nothing...its free to anyone with an internet connection and an active e-mail account.

How do I find out more about Utopia? Visit their website at http://games.swirve.com/utopia/

Whats the purpose of this web page? To catalog my final stats during each Utopian Age.


Final Stats by Age...