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Welcome to the Official Vortex of Doom Award chamber. In here we will feature the winners of the prestigious Cranium Award, which is given to a web site that has displayed a level of creativity and usefulness that is unique amongst other web sites. Who can win a Cranium? Well, almost anyone. This Award isn't reserved for one or two subjects, such as a Graphic Award or a Best Cat Site Award is. Since the inception of the Vortex of Doom Back in 1997, we have tried our best to give you, the webs urfer, the largest variety of cool information and experience inside the same site.

What sets a Cranium Site apart from the rest? Well, we look at sites based up the following 5 areas:

  1. Navigation: Can the Visitor easily navigate the whole site without getting lost.
  2. Speed: How fast does each page load. The faster the better.
  3. Creativity: Creative use of Layout, Text Work, and Graphical Work
  4. Readability: Is the Text Legible and words spelled properly. Does the background colors/tiles add to or distract from the surfing experience.
  5. Usefulness: Most importantly, does this site offer a useful purpose to the world at large. Basically, does this site attempt and succeed at enriching the visitor's surfing experience in any way. This area isn't based upon personal interests, rather, does your site provide in depth information about each topic thats inside a nominees web site.

Each of these areas are scored on a 20 point scale, then added together, giving the suggested site a maximum total points of 100. Any site that rates a total of 55 or higher will have a link to their site placed upon this page.

Here is an example of how we would rate the Vortex of Doom (2/1/99):

Navigation: 17,  Speed: 13,  Creativity: 17,   Readability: 17,  Usefulness: 20

Total Score:  84

As you can see, even our host site doesn't rate completely rate ultra-high on our tough scale, so please, don't be too discouraged or mislead if a site seems if your site didn't score real high.

  • Average site ranges around 50 total points
  • Excellent site is around 70 total points
  • Incredible sites are over 90 total points

We pride ourselves on trying to be tough, but fair critics, thus, earning points for this award isn't a walk through the park. I have been designing web sites for a while now and wished there was a place that can give me some honest feedback about my site. I hope to spearhead that wish with the Cranium Awards.

Most of the award nominees are sites that I have personally seen first. But, Since I cannot spend every hour of the day searching for the best sites on the web , any suggested sites that you, the public, can give to me would be much appreciated. Ask yourself, D o you know of a site that has made an impact on you or in your life? DO you know of a site that meets all of the requirements listed above? E-mail me a copy of the FULL URL Address or fill out this quick form and I'll put your name up here for just  suggesting it!

-James Bourne

List of Cranium Winners

List was Last Updated on: 4/9/99

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Site Name Site Navigation

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(of 20)


(of 20)


(of 20)


(of 20)


(of 100)

Anne's Art X 18 17 20 19 18 92
Axel's Homeworld X 18 14 17 17 19 85
Joan Stark's ASCII Art Gallery X 18 16 20 18 16 88
Quality in RIFTS X 17 18 18 14 19 86
World of SternAXP X 18 12 19 16 17 72
Mr. Weatherman X 18 12 18 16 19 83


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