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Welcome to the In-Depth Review section of the Cranium Awards. This section is dedicated to telling you, the viewer, basically what earned each site listed the sacred Cranium of Excellence. Each review is not meant to make a site seem better or worse. We believe that each and every web site is it's own entity and cannot be compared to another site ever created. The aspect of creating something completely unique and showing it to the world is the purpose for creating web sites in the first place.

The reason for these brief reviews is to give you an idea of what these sites are about as well as explain our scores for each area. We, the keepers of the sacred Craniums, implore you to visit these sites on your own so you can come to your own conclusions.

-Cranium Award Staff


Reviewed Sites
World of SternAXP Mr. Weatherman's Web Site
Axel's Homepage Joan Stark's ASCII Art Gallery
Ann's Art Gallery Quality in RIFTS