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James Bourne can be considered a highly trained temporal traveler who has had a storied past. His life began on earth, in a different timeline. His Earth was constantly repelling invasion attempts by an evil race of inter galactic alien forces only known as ISM. He stayed out of the fighting for most of his young life, but, after the loss of his wife and child in an ISM raid, James was a COR agent by the time he was 25. COR was an institution that coordinated all of earths major military forces to fight against the Ismatic invaders. It was during his 3rd year as a COR agent that he found out, and signed up for, the Lightning Knight project. This secret project was centered around the ability to infuse special abilities, called magic, into human soldiers. During his first year as a lightning knight, he ran into Keith "Killer" MacCleod during a 'hit and run' mission. They have been together ever since. Over the next 8 years, DOOM and KK became famous and the most productive Lightning Knights to walk out of the project.

Early on in this campaign, James became infatuated with computers and computer software, while his friend became a capable salesman and magician. This expertice in computers and mechanics became critical in his later attempts to create the first artificial intelligence, (his castle on his own planet Mettalica-4) Arthraxis and The Reflex Machine, a machine that could perfectly duplicate most machinery and even copy living things and make mechanical duplicates out of scrap metal.

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By the beginning of the 24th century, KK and DOOM had basically created their own solar system (with the help of KK's Diamond of Duplication and The Reflex Machine), deemed the Dark Sun System, making the defenders against intergalactic conquest into an intergalactic entity of decent power. With the end of the ISMatic war in the year 2305, via the Universal treaty, James retreated back to his castle on Metallica-4 to live out the rest of his life. This was not to be, however, for both Macleod and Bourne had angered a demi-God during one of their earlier adventures (Bhutwaker) and this anger didn't end with the Universal Treaty. The God lured both KK and DOOM to a secluded planet and tossed them through a random rift. They didn't end up on Rifts Earth right away, they bounced between dimensions and time periods before they where pulled in by the CMA (Crescent Moon Alliance).

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It was during this time period when KK and DOOM befriended the Necrovour, Assmunch. The CMA is a secret high tech society that exists of the dark side of the moon. Their existence in unknown to everyone, outside of CMA Agents, on Rifts Earth. The CMA hierarchy is comprised of the descendants of the original survivors of the Atlanitan Catastrophe (RIFTS Atlantis World book #2) and are bent on setting things right again. In order to do so, they have sent many Surface spies to keep up with Earth events and to attempt to set things right again. They pulled in James and Keith when the two where jumping from one point to another. With a quick psychological and physical evaluation, the Moon based True Atlantians saw them, and their Necrovour friend, as an asset to their cause, so they genetically transformed them after they entered the RIFTS timeline.

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Even though he was rejuvenated and 20 years younger {after age alterations}, James wasn't into helping the CMA out at first. (the CMA made a deal with both KK and DOOM in the effect that if they help the CMA eradicate the evil forces, human and non human, from the Earth, they would return them to their own time and dimension) But with in his first 6 months on the planets surface (year is 215 PA), James has dedicated his life once again to the use of computers and high-tech toys. He soon became a Tecno-wizard and has designed the first known non-organic PPE storage battery and his own patented laser shotgun. He has also fallen in love again with Katrina Sun (See RIFTS AFRICA, World Book 6 for more details) which has given him more of a reason to defend the innocent and destroy the evil forces that threaten RIFTS Earth. MORE....

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