Welcome to my Links page. It seems that every personal page has a links area, usually with a few cheesy useless sites listed. Well, I'm going to try to provide you with some links based upon my interests and how informative (aka useful) the following sites could be to your daily life. I love the idea of small promotional buttons in which most sites these days 'allow' other web masters to place on their own sites. Boy, these places are just so generous, allowing us to advertise them for free. Oh well, since there could be a lot of graphics on this page, please wait a moment for this document to load. Thanks.


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Text Links of Coolness..... (Not in any Real order)
Cinema City - Wide collection of Movie Posters to Buy
Homepage of the Dead - Geroge Romero zombie film web site
Bert is Evil - Humorus site dedicated to the Seseame Street charactor
Zeebarf - Humorous cartoon site
Joe Cartoon- Another humorous cartoon site
Brains 4 Zombies - Funny Amazon.com parody!!
Google.com - The Best search engine availible today
Cosmos Factory - Everything Rocky Horror...
Cheat City - Useful video game cheat site
File Planet - Awsome collection of downloadible files for your favorite PC games.
Palladium Books - Creaters of the awsome role-playing game, RIFTS
Hotmail.com - The best free e-mail service availible...
MyCaster - Free music service that allows you to broadcast you MP3 collection!!
The Official Web Site of the Buffalo Bills - Everything Bills football...
Chris Creamers Sport Logo Web Site - Deep index of any sport logos ever created
NFL.com -The Official website of the National Football League
Skull Heaven - Everything skulls, from graphics to merchandise
New Grounds Atomix - Humorus Flash site..
Red Meat - Cool comic strip
Absolute Background and Texture Archive - Awsome collection of useful background graphics
Java Script Source - Excellent collection of Cut-N-Paste Java Scripts for your web site
The Placebo Page - Funny adult humor page featuring jokes, film clips, sound files, and more
Oh My Goodness! - Send a pal a funny card to their e-mail
Killfrog.com - Twisted Flash movies
Who would you kill? - Kill your favorite celeberties and personalities
The Free Site - Get tons of free web based crap (be it graphics to coupons)
NedStat - Excellant FREE web page tracking service.
Laugh My Ass Off - Really funny joke and picture site
Utopia - Interactive on-line Medieval RPG
CuteMX - MP3 on-line swaping community
East Rochester High School - Where I graduated from in 1994

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Some Really Wild Banners of Value

Official Web Site of Comedian John Valby

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