Welcome to the eternal list dedicated to the computer world's first bona-fide tyrant, William Gates. This list details the many reasons why the world would be better off if good-ol' Bill kicked the bucket. Before we get into the list itself, I would like to mention that this page is in no way meant as an attempt on Gates' life or an attempt to hurt his image. The intention is to poke some fun at the cyber-freak and bring up awareness of what he and his company, Microsoft, is trying to do to the computer industry as a whole. The main reason why he adgitate a lot of people is that he has gained the power of dictating what the computer industry can and cannot release to the public in the way of software and cutting edge ideas.

Like most tyrants, Gates stared off with a good idea for his time. When he designed the DOS operating system back in 1980, he revolutionized how the world would communicate and do business. Also like most tyrants, Mr. Gates has become drunk on the power he has gained over the years. Power derived off of other people's breakthrough ideas and work. Considering every Microsoft product   since 1984 has been a knock off of another company's ground breaking programs, it's a wonder why his ass hasn't been  off earlier than 1996's lawsuit over the Windows98/Internet Explorer ordeal.

Oh well, below is the growing list of reasons that I have found for the computer users of the world to revoult against this monopoly bullshit and demand ideas other than some generic knock off provided by the Cyber-Tyrant, Bill Gates. Some of the things listed may be highlighted as a link. Click onto them to see where they take you!


The Growing List

  1. Because the bastard has over 63 Billion American Dollars
  2. After trying to pattent the term "Can of Whoop Ass" for his next Internet Explorer commercial, Bill Gates Should Die Because......
  3. Internet Explorer was allowed to exsist
  4. Alot of things Wrong with Microsoft....
  5. The fucker bought 15% of Apple Computing, like 93% of the computer market wasn't enough...
  6. His D&D charactor sheet is too damn butch!
  7. He Tried to BUY MY BALLS!!!!!
  8. He tried to Kill Mr. T!!!!
  9. He gets me so mad, I just want to hit him!!!
  10. Gates was even in a Star Trek Movie!!!
  11. Gates Idea of Foreign Policy sucks!
  12. He even has his own CULT!!!
  13. Has his own Question/Answer Column


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This page, and the contents displayed upon it, are ment for entertainment value only. The purpose of this page isn't to threaten anyone's life, liberty, or pursuit of wealth. So any of you sick fucks who actually plan on using this page a reason to harrass or even hurt Bill Gates or anyone affliated with Mr. Gates should consider the prospect of sitting in a jail cell for the rest of your life. The opinions and views displayed inside the confines of this page is not nessessarliy that of Tripod.com or James Bourne. Thank you for reading this disclaimer.