Here Comes KK!!!!

Here Comes DOOM!!!!

315 PA Chronicle         

(as complied by Jason Olson)

Key Chronicle Characters


Keith MacLeod

James Bourne

Kitiria Anderson


Sir Sage Russell

Katrina Sun-Bourne


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With the creation of the HITSTAR, KK and Doom could now travel to any dimension they choose (as long as they had previously visited the desired dimension). With KK spending most of his time trying to restore Jewell’s once productive economy, James was left to his own devices for a few years after the Treaty of Gallanigher. By the year 2499, KK had rebuilt Jewelle back to the glory of the times before the dimensional travels. As a favor to him, James agreed to revisit Skulle Island and begin to open shops of Jewellian products on the island. Since the 2 last saw the island, their was only a small military installation to the west and the small village of Killshire. When James appeared in the year 315 PA, Skulle Island grew into a huge community spread across the island. A lot has happened 100 years and James needed to get reaquatinted with the Island. Quartan Macgreuder looked after the island in KK and Doom’s absence.

Angus slept inside the Pyramid of KK until he was awakened by James’ presence, and Assmunch, along with his family of Assmites, went about the business off organizing and bringing order to the island. 8 months after returning to Skulle Island, James made his first contact with the thief Kitteria Anderson inside one of KK’s Cutlery Store. Even though the first meeting wasn’t a pleasant one, Kit had grown attached to Katrina Bourne, keeping Kit in good standing within the Pyramid, even though she stole the ‘mystical red button’ from the old CMA base. At first skeptical of Kit’s motives, James had grown to trust Kit, enough so that he invited her and her father, Merlin, to move into the pyramid. Assmunch has also grown close to the new face of the group, especially when she fed him some of the left over blood druid carcass’. Assmunch, in his own right, had become a major player of Killshire when James appointed him Sheriff of law enforcement. (see Assmunch's Bio for more details).

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In fact, it was when Kit was caught stealing the button, that the two compatriots first met. Kit being the prisoner and Assmunch being the Judge! After offering the Judge a visit of her home base in Notre Dame, France (as well as the possibilities of being well fed) Assmunch and his Phallic policemen escorted her home. This incident also saw the entrance of the stoic cyber knight, Sage. Sage, who has a secret crush on Kit and an even more secret curse , came to Skulle Island looking for the thief. Needless to say, James & family came along as well, just to make sure Assmunch and ‘friends’ won’t get ambushed. With the coast clear, and Assmunch cleaning up the mess outside, Kit introduced James to her father, Merlin. It’s safe to say that the two men hit it off REALLY well, considering Merlin is the Grand Master of magic while James was the Grand Master of Technology!

Merlin’s nearly sadistic hobby of destroying the neighboring Blood Druid towns and temples with multiple types of fire arms and magic spells helped the two men bond almost instantly. James has hated the Blood druids ever since they got involved in a previous K.K. and Doom adventure, so seeing this 90 year old man at work was impressive indeed. As time past, Kit began to reveal fragments of her past (see Kit's Bio) to the whole group. As the legend goes, she has been professed to meet her great nemesis, Alesdair and fight him to the death. Alesdair, who is Morgana’s youngest son, has something more in mind for Kit than just defeating her in battle. It has been reviled that Alesdair has plans for the domination of RIFTS Earth and wants kit for his Queen! With this knowledge given to James, who had made kit an official Skulle Island citizen, he called upon KK to come to RIFTS to help take care of the Alesdair problem. To his surprise, Keith appears to Kit and James during a trip to Stormspire (Magic Zone).


Keith, sensing the presence of a very powerful immortal in RIFTs, has returned to RIFTS to search this presence out. During the p