Here Comes KK!!!!

Here Comes DOOM!!!!

315 PA Chronicle         

(as complied by Jason Olson)

Key Chronicle Characters


Keith MacLeod

James Bourne

Kitiria Anderson


Sir Sage Russell

Katrina Sun-Bourne


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With the creation of the HITSTAR, KK and Doom could now travel to any dimension they choose (as long as they had previously visited the desired dimension). With KK spending most of his time trying to restore Jewell’s once productive economy, James was left to his own devices for a few years after the Treaty of Gallanigher. By the year 2499, KK had rebuilt Jewelle back to the glory of the times before the dimensional travels. As a favor to him, James agreed to revisit Skulle Island and begin to open shops of Jewellian products on the island. Since the 2 last saw the island, their was only a small military installation to the west and the small village of Killshire. When James appeared in the year 315 PA, Skulle Island grew into a huge community spread across the island. A lot has happened 100 years and James needed to get reaquatinted with the Island. Quartan Macgreuder looked after the island in KK and Doom’s absence.

Angus slept inside the Pyramid of KK until he was awakened by James’ presence, and Assmunch, along with his family of Assmites, went about the business off organizing and bringing order to the island. 8 months after returning to Skulle Island, James made his first contact with the thief Kitteria Anderson inside one of KK’s Cutlery Store. Even though the first meeting wasn’t a pleasant one, Kit had grown attached to Katrina Bourne, keeping Kit in good standing within the Pyramid, even though she stole the ‘mystical red button’ from the old CMA base. At first skeptical of Kit’s motives, James had grown to trust Kit, enough so that he invited her and her father, Merlin, to move into the pyramid. Assmunch has also grown close to the new face of the group, especially when she fed him some of the left over blood druid carcass’. Assmunch, in his own right, had become a major player of Killshire when James appointed him Sheriff of law enforcement. (see Assmunch's Bio for more details).

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In fact, it was when Kit was caught stealing the button, that the two compatriots first met. Kit being the prisoner and Assmunch being the Judge! After offering the Judge a visit of her home base in Notre Dame, France (as well as the possibilities of being well fed) Assmunch and his Phallic policemen escorted her home. This incident also saw the entrance of the stoic cyber knight, Sage. Sage, who has a secret crush on Kit and an even more secret curse , came to Skulle Island looking for the thief. Needless to say, James & family came along as well, just to make sure Assmunch and ‘friends’ won’t get ambushed. With the coast clear, and Assmunch cleaning up the mess outside, Kit introduced James to her father, Merlin. It’s safe to say that the two men hit it off REALLY well, considering Merlin is the Grand Master of magic while James was the Grand Master of Technology!

Merlin’s nearly sadistic hobby of destroying the neighboring Blood Druid towns and temples with multiple types of fire arms and magic spells helped the two men bond almost instantly. James has hated the Blood druids ever since they got involved in a previous K.K. and Doom adventure, so seeing this 90 year old man at work was impressive indeed. As time past, Kit began to reveal fragments of her past (see Kit's Bio) to the whole group. As the legend goes, she has been professed to meet her great nemesis, Alesdair and fight him to the death. Alesdair, who is Morgana’s youngest son, has something more in mind for Kit than just defeating her in battle. It has been reviled that Alesdair has plans for the domination of RIFTS Earth and wants kit for his Queen! With this knowledge given to James, who had made kit an official Skulle Island citizen, he called upon KK to come to RIFTS to help take care of the Alesdair problem. To his surprise, Keith appears to Kit and James during a trip to Stormspire (Magic Zone).


Keith, sensing the presence of a very powerful immortal in RIFTs, has returned to RIFTS to search this presence out. During the party’s stay in Stormspire, Kit regains contact with a few contacts of hers. Also during their time in the techno-wizard capitol of the world, the 3 are attacked by a shadowy figure, who ends up kidnapping James (after a lengthy battle) and leaving Kit and KK unconscious. Back at Skulle island, Katrina, feeling the death of her husband, ran off to England to find a way to get him back. (She is presently still missing.) Pissed off, K.K. asks the help from his mentor, The One, to find James. It seems as though James’ essence had been ripped from his body, and in order to bring James back, K.K. would have to recover James’ body. The only problem was that James’ Corpse was located inside the Temple of Nog, a Corrupt stronghold. Seeing what he had top do, K.K. and Assmunch rented some horses and moved towards the temple. K.K., being a Stone Master by trade, magically dug a hole underneath the complex.

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With help of a homing beacon, which was implanted into James earlier, K.K. located the room where James’ body was kept. K.K. then broke threw the concrete flooring and entered the chamber. He was instantly met by a Corrupt Immortal. Of which Keith had to behead before he could escape with James’ remains. Afterwards, K.K. returned with the remains. In order for the One to return James back to life (magical resurrection was done once before), the One had to sacrifice an appendage (James’ left forearm and hand), focus another’s living essence through it, and then replace the new essence into the main corpse. Using some of KK’s essence, the One resurrected James back from the realm of the Dead (Astral Plane), and returned the lost soul of James Bourne back to his repaired body. With the forearm rendered useless, and impressed by KK’s skill, The One made a Lesser Rune Sword out of the arm.

Deemed the DOOMBRINGER, K.K. now had a weapon capable of striking fear into the hearts of ALL immortals (see IMMORTAL COMBAT for details). For the moment, Keith is in a deep hibernation, considering the fact that some of his very essence had to be used to awaken James, the One placed KK in a deep sleep in order to give his very soul time to heal. With Keith out of the action for a while, and James VERY hell bent on revenge, Alesdar seems to have Kit’s main allies out of commission for the moment. Seeing this as a golden opportunity, he made even more destructive attempts to drive Kit over the edge of sanity. The nightmares he projects into her sub-consciousness and coupled with a few raids on Skulle Island itself, seemed to be the perfect plan to finally force his full will over her.


Unfortunately for Alesdar, James reappearance, and his wife’s disappearance, have fueled a more determined and focused Doom than ever before. With the loss of his left forearm and hand, James set to work on a suitable replacement. Then, he created the very first Skulle Island Military force, aka SIDF. 50,000 strong, all James needs now is the location of Alesdar’s City of Brass before he can try to wipe Alesdar from the face of RIFTS earth. Knowing that Alesdar can’t be killed before the professed confirmation, Kit tires as best she can to keep James, and her Skulle Island allies from getting in the thick of HER conflict.

Soon after coming out of his three month coma, MacLeod is startled by how things have changed around the island. The Pyramid of KK had turned from a PPE generator/mediation place to a military stronghold, with 1,000 SIDF troops operating in and out of the structure. Impressed by the level of strict discipline ingrained into the SIDF by James, KK had gained a new respect for his long time ally. This was short lived, however, when he found out that a mischievous spirit, Kim, had drove his wife, Kristi, to the brink of insanity. Kim, who was invited to the island by Kit, tends to take things to the extreme. When James asked her (via Kit) to play a simple 'talking machine' joke on the unsuspecting Kristi,  Kim kept playing the joke to the point of near insanity!

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It was safe to say that KK still has a beef with both James and Kit over this incident. He didn't have the time to get even though, because the The One snt MacLeod on a recognizance mission to Ireland. MacLeod had to infiltrate the former city of Dublin and find out what connection existed between the Fermorian Sub-Demons and Alesdar. During his journey, KK stumbled upon a colony of fairies, mainly a dozen pixies, two leprechauns, and three dozen sprites. After a humorous confirmation between the fairies and KK (which ended up with KK waking up the naked the following morning next to 'Grace' [a wart-hog with a paper bag on its head]), they became companions and the fairies even helped KK out with his mission inside Dublin. The fairies didn't respect KK until he had them play the same Grace joke on Quartan, of whom the small party ran into during the journey to Dublin. In Dublin, KK ran into Katrina (who was passinb her self off as a gang banger!) who was looking for similar information. KK broke her cover when he walked up to her while she was about to get some information fromthe head gang boos of the city. After KK destroyed the boss, (T-Bone), Kitrina made the comment that KK should stick to his day job as a soldier, not a spy. For the first time ver, KK agreed with Kitrina.


The Dublin trip reviled that Alesdar, who had disappeared for a while, was gaining in power and was attempting to amass a huge army. This army, KK figured, was to march on Skulle Island. With this knowledge, KK returned to Skulle Island. During this time, Kit was away from Skulle Island as well. She traveled to the plateau colony of Boulder City, New Mexico. Sage, who's group of cyber-knights controlled the city, was busy training new civilian troops in preparation of a Coalition (Lone Star) Siege. Sage welcomed Kit into the city and noticed his long time friend growing in power and presence. He knew of her struggle against Alesdar and had a clue of what this sudden power-growth meant.

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Kit's PPE growth allowed her to notice something about the cyber-knight as well. Sage had always had a romantic interest in Kit, the only standing between him attempting to engage in this romance was a curse placed upon him by a former lover. Before Sage turned to the Cyber Knight ways, he lived a life materialism and many women. The former lover found out about Sage's 2-timing ways and leveled a curse upon him in revenge. The curse was simple, any woman that Sage would take a romantic interest in would be unable to see him in the same way. The more he desired a certain woman, the more the target woman would want to be 'just friends'. Only a passionate kiss from a woman he truly loves would break the curse.


During the first three days of her visit, Kit began to feel the intense love that Sage had for her. For the first time in a long time, she was interested in returning his love. To gage how he would react, Kit suddenly kissed Sage during a tour of Boulder City. Sage fainted from disbelief. She knew then what to do. To make a long story short, the two came back to Skulle Island a week later as a couple. This bliss was short lived, for no more than a day later, the Hitship (which was in orbit above RIFTS Earth) had picked up three wormholes opening. What was coming out of these wormholes stunned KK and Doom. Ismatic Renegade Battle Cruisers and Destroyers came pouring forth from these transdimentional holes!

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To make matters worse, 20,000 Ism Shock Troops began to beam down to the surface of Skulle Island, raiding some of the out lying fishing communities and razing Killshire itself! KK was sent into an instant frenzy and ran off to the hanger floor of the Pyramid. Once inside a generic Mettalica-44 Class deck fighter, KK took off and flew up to space. With a distinct knowledge on how the ISM star craft operated, KK picked out an ISM Destroyer, yelled out his trademark 'Killer Charge', and  then proceeded to fire all his weapons at the bridge compartment. the problem with ISM ships is that every major function is located in the bridge decks, which would make the craft useless without a functional bridge. (KK rolled a 20! for stike ). KK had timed the shot right where the suddenly disabled ISM Destroyer fell back into some of the ships flying near it, thus wiping out 10,000 Ism personnel and troops in one blow!


After KK left, James began to move his army against the invading Ism force. For over three hours, house to house fighting is the best way to describe the balk of the ISM Offensive of 315 (which the invasion would be deemed later). James and Kit weren't around much of this invasion, though, for a really powerful Alesdar took advantage of the chaos the Ism's have created and teleported James and Kit to a small pocket dimention. Once inside the confines of his own dimention, Alesdar proceeded to bind and torment James in front of Kit. This incantation of Alesdar was a 40 year old man with an equivalent of a level 30 temporal wizard! Even with her abilities swelling in strength, Kit was powerless to defend James.

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After a few minutes of torturing James, Alesdar disintegrated him in front of Kit! In a fit of laughter, Alesdar enjoyed the shocked look that come forth from Kit's face. Its was at this point that James reappeared behind Alesdar and began to laugh. A shocked Alesdar turned around to behold a being of pure magical/electrical energy (standing 18 feet tall) behind him. Stunned, Alesdar shot another 'killing blow' at James. James stood his ground, took the brunt of the blast, and laughed! "I have three laws that I live by," James proclaimed. "One," James said as he shot a lighting bolt at Alesdar, knocking the faceless Alesdar to the ground," one who mocks KK and Doom looses their tongue!"

"Two," James continued as another lighting bolt struck the wounded temporal wizard, melting both of the wizards hands," one who defecates on KK and Doom Property loses any right to their hands!"

"Lastly," James finished by blasting the fleeing wizard in the back,"No One shall ever mess with KK and Doom's souls and LIVES!!" The final blow was the mortal wound that ended Alesdar.

Shocked at what just happened before her, Kit just sat on the ground. James slowly calmed himself down and returned to normal size.

"How the hell did you pull THAT ONE off?" Kit asked as James helped her to her feet.

"Simple," James smiled," during the time he attempted to destroy my soul, we became bonded in a way. I knew he was going to kill me first in an attempt to break your spirit."


"During the hell he put me through, I learned some of his trans-dimensional abilities! When he grabbed us, I could tell he was going to take us somewhere out of this universe. When he tried to turn me to ash, I just redirected his blow to power a jump to my home dimension! You know that contract you had signed?"


"Well, it was only binding in the RIFTS Earth Universe, NOT inside my home universe!"

"Thus, with out the protection of the contract, you where able to kill him!" Kit gasped as she got the gist of James Plan.

"Since me and Keith are basically Demi-Gods here, tricking and disposing of Alesdar was simple."


Back on Rifts Earth, the waves of Ismadic invaders had made their way from the beaches to the gates of Killshire itself. With the bulk of their reinforcements taken care of, KK made his way back to the surface, only to see the city he helped to build being razed by his mortal enemies. KK soon joined into the frey, calling upon his Doombringer to help him defend the city. Unknown to him, Kit's father, the image of the orgional Merlin, had been positioned on top of the Pyramid of KK, in the process of casting on of his most powerful and dangerous spells. By the time Kit and James returned from their conflict with Alesdar, KK and a hand frul of SIDF soldiers here being over run by a complete Hoarde onslaught that numbered around 20,000 strong.

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James immediately joined in the confrontation. Just as the last outposts where being taken by the Hoarde, a loud crack of thunder shook the entire island. Moments later, all of the attacking Hoarde marauders melted into large pools of thick red blood. Stunned by the amount of gore, KK turned around and looked towards his pyramid. Everything fell quiet for a moment, then a loud rumbling sound came from the hills. Just as KK and Doom began to figure out what the sound was, a large wave of blood and guts poured into the city. There was so much blood that each torrent did severe damage to most of Killshire's buildings, even knocking over a few of them!


With the threat of Alasdar and his Ism minions taken care off, the group would spend the next year rebuilding Killshire and Skulle Island back to its former glory.

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