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Keith 'Killer' MacLeod

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Keith MacLeod had a very difficult beginning. He is the sole survivor of the Geosphere Mining Complex, (which was on the former planet of Hades-9). The planet was subsequently raided by the ISMatic Horde, a race of evil intergalactic conquers. One of his last memories of his parents was of their graphic slaughter at the hands of an ISMatic raiding party. As a joke, the ISMs decided to leave the young MacLeod aloft in a small escape pod after they left the planetoid in ruins. When the pod was picked up by the EARTH space patrol a few weeks later, the joke would soon be on the Horde. Keith, who was left in the hands of a foster family back on earth, grew into a young man hell bent on the destruction of the ISMatic Horde. Since his foster father was an acclaimed fencer and sword smith, the young MacLeod learned at an early age how to wield and design bladed weaponry. By the time he was 16, Keith felt ready to seek his revenge against ISM and joined COR (Center Of earth Residence)


He quickly rouse up in the ranks and was the youngest COR infantry soldier to ever earn the coveted Bastille's Cross (COR's version of the medal of honor). During his first tour of duty, MacLeod quickly received a reputation for being a bezerkerd. After his famous "Killer Charge" in which he single handily charged an enemy bunker and slaughtered 39 ISM soldiers with his step dad's HADES blade, he received the nickname 'KILLER'. With such a sparkling résumé and kill ratio, COR officials thought Keith MacLeod was a shoe in for the Lightning Knight Project. His critics, however, fedear that Killer would frenzy and slaughter anyone within his reach, friend and foe alike. His commanding officer, Richard Derringer, however, pulled a few strings and had MacLeod recruited for the project anyway. After being infused with the powers of magic, MacLeod struck it out on his own, doing special field work for COR.

It was during one of these field missions that he ran into (and later teamed up with) James Bourne, an older Lighting Knight who, at first, seemed like some know it all nerd to Killer. That perception quickly past as he witnessed Bourne take out 4 targets with his patented laser shotgun. Keith uttered the words," Doom to rivals," after James did this act, and thus, giving Bourne’s his nickname, DOOM. Over the next 8 years, both KK and DOOM went on to single handily push ISM out of the Earth solar system and even exterminate most of the ISM presence in the galaxy all together. During this time, Killer acquired his first major Rune crystal, the diamond of duplication. This artifact had the ability to duplicate any non-organic, non-magical objects at will. With this in hand, KK soon had enough magical power to create his own planetoid (ironically, it was located in the same space as HADES-9), Jewel. After many adventures, and uses, the KK crystal had gained enough strength to create gem like humanoids, called Jewellians. With the development of Doom's Reflex Machine, the dynamic duo(?) soon had their own planet system, called the Dark Sun system. With the end of the ISMatic war in 2304 AD, Keith severed his ties with COR and Earth forever due to the Universal Treaty that had been signed by both sides.


As far as Keith was concerned, COR had betrayed him and every other person who died in the massacre of HADES-9. Decades after the signing of the treaty, MacLeod had acquired a near GOD status amoungst the Jewellian population. It seemed that the only thing that kept Keith calm during those years was taking care of Jewelle and its peoples. Also in this In this time frame (called "The Golden Age of Expansion"), Keith acquired and colonized more planetoids for his people to live upon. These years saw a decline in contact with Earth and earthlings in general. At one point, James Bourne was the only human he stayed in contact with. By the year 2328, a mysterious message had arrived at MacLeod's castle challenging him and James to a duel with a former enemy, an evil sorcerer named Bhutwaker, on a secluded planet far past the Frontier(an electronic protective barrier that surrounded the failed planet systems). Keith accepted this challenge rushed with James to the planetoid, only to find out that the sorcerer had opened a temporal gate. Both Keith and James where sucked into the vortex and reappeared in another time/place. They wondered, aimlessly around the planes of existence from that point on, looking for a way back to their own dimension.

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They appeared on RIFTS® Earth during one of their many 'jumps'. Actually, they were transported to the Dark Side of the Moon. When they woke up, they found themselves completely reconstructed physically and reprogrammed mentally. Keith agreed to help out the CMA if they would send James and him back to their own dimension. He has now been a CMA operative ever since. Even though he still longs for home, he has acquired some range of power as a STONE MASTER (See ATLANTIS WORLD BOOK for more details) and is working on building his own pyramid to live in. He presently has fallen in love with his team leader, Kristi Jericho as well. Soon after learning his Stone Mastery skills from the strange mage, Angus, KK encountered some new difficulties. First, he was indoctrinated into a secret society of Immortals known as the Followers of the One (see the ONE and IMMORTAL COMBAT for more details). Now effectively immortal, KK had gained a trainer, the Immortal Quartan MacGreuder. MacGreuder, like Angus, had his many different quirks that would bother KK from time to time. Other quirks would bother KK, the most annoying of all was seeing James and Katrina Sun together.To make a long story short, KK was forced to move to the Base’s basement in order to get some sleep at night (that damned Bang-Bang Boom-Boom noise!).

It was KK who first thought to bring the Scot’s back to Skulle Island after a brief mission in Scotland. With these people, he felt close to home. Same heritage, same sense of humor, and the same choice in dress (at much of the dismay of James) made KK bring a handful of survivors. These few people ended up being the first inhabitants of the town of Killshire in 216 PA. By the end of the year, KK was hard at work designing his own Pyramid (see Atlantis for details), which is located in the Bay Of Skulle Island. 

Once finished, KK, feeling generous, asked the rest of the CMA group to move into the spacious structure. As with most things in KK’s life, when things seem to settle down a little, there is always some dick lick there to start stuff up again. The name of that dick lick was Terminator. terminator, driven mad by Bhutwaker, was sent in to destroy KK and Doom. KK wasn’t too pleased with his former friend's attitude and pure lack of respect for KK and Doom. With his family and friends threatened with global destruction, KK set out o destroy Terminator himself. As part of a diversionary tactic, KK agreed with Doom to call a planetary truce with their enemies and to join forces in order to keep Terminator occupied long enough for KK and Doom to break into his hiding place (HITSHIP) and to kick his ass.

Following the destruction of Terminator, KK and Doom reached new heights of fame and notoriety all over RIFTS Earth. This fame, however, made once suspicious entities, such as the Coalition States and most alien intelligence, out law their presence out of fear or jealousy. With the destruction of Terminator, The CMA retired KK and Doom (since they couldn’t be spies any more) and allowed them to return to their home universe. Upon Returning to the Dark Sun System, KK was less than pleased about how things had turned out during his departure. (See James’ Bio for more details).

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With in a few minutes, KK was ale to ally the 2 split factions with a simple speech. The “If you guys don’t cut this shit out” speech became one of the more pivotal and defining moments in KK’s political career. It wasn’t the kind of threats, which where leveled at both sides, that KK made, but the fact that he COULD and WOULD carry them out! Such colorful threats of planetary destruction and even scrapping the whole Dark Sun System itself (scrapping meaning setting the Dark Sun to Explode!) only seemed to cement an old truth into everyone, with in shouting distance, minds, When KK Speaks, You Better Fucking Listen! And it helps get your point across when a fleet of common enemy battle cruisers are coming to conquer the system, so, with in moments, KK had effectively put an end to decades of mistrust and ended a civil war. (also kicked some renegade ISM ass to boot!) Feeling content to let James author the Treaty of Gallenier, KK settled down with his fiancée, Kristi Jerhico. KK took the next 2 years re-cataloguing his holdings inside the Dark Sun Vault, then decided to upgrade Jewelle’s economy with some inter galactic trading and commerce. By 2497 AD, Jewelle was one of the top 3 leading worlds in the known universe when it came to trading and commerce. It was a great boost to Metallica-4’s economy as well, making Metalica-4 the leading universal manufacturer in the entire universe. Keith’s business prowess grew to such a high proportion that he even looked inter-dimensionally.

This was made possible with the creation of the HITSTAR. Keith would have agents make systematic visits to Skulle Island to sell Jewellian items. By the turn of the 26th century, KK had made the Dark Sun system the most profitable place to due business in the known universe! With in a measly 5 years, KK had single handily erased any trace of the 50 Years War and peace reigned in the quadrant. KK even made an indirect reconcilement with the Republic of ISM., just to sell some items (although, KK products aren’t well known for their reliability or durability on these worlds for some reason?). During one of his inter-dimensional selling trips with trusted friend Salesman Jones, KK got a calling, a feeling that James (who was on RIFTS Earth minding his famous KK’s Cutlery Shoppe) may be in trouble. Reluctantly (he was deep into a sales pitch when he had his ‘feeling’) KK bowed out of the proceedings and used a miniature dimensional jump portal (created by the HITSTAR) to return to James’ last location. (read the 315 Chronicle for more deatails)

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